Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The 6-month post - finally!

Well, since Lila will be turning 7 months old two days from now, I figure I had better finish her 6-month post!

Lila had a very eventful day for her 6-month birthday on April 26th. Around 7 that morning, she made the 100-mile drive from Grandma Kay Ellen's house in Lisle to Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, where we again met with our real estate agent to look at houses in the area. Once we arrived in 'Tosa, we had a long list of homes to look at, so we had to keep her in her car seat a lot more than we wanted to. Luckily, she was a very good sport about it. Knowing what we do now, i.e. that she was cutting her second tooth that day, we can't believe how content she was for us! (If only her brother had been this easy during the first trip we made to Wisconsin April 19-21, we might have considered taking him with us on the trips on the 22nd and 26th!)

The house-hunt that morning was a success. We ended up taking a second look at the 2-story colonial on 114th Street, and Lila agreed with us that the home was not only perfect for our family but also a real bargain. We put an offer in on it later that afternoon, and our offer was accepted the next day. We close on June 15th! We are very grateful to Lila that she was so cooperative that day. She was instrumental in us becoming homeowners once again!

But Lila's 6-month birthday excitement didn't end there. As soon as we finished up with our real estate agent, we met Grandma and John in the parking lot of the Mayfair Mall. Grandma had taken John to Parents' Day Out that morning so Mommy, Daddy, and Lila could leave for the house-hunting trip, and then Grandma drove John up to Wauwatosa as soon as school was over. Now that we had John, it was time to start the more than 300-mile drive up to Grandpa Harry's house in Minnesota!

I'll spare you the details of that lovely drive and just tell you that when we finally arrived in Woodbury around 9:30 p.m., we were shocked to see that Lila had gotten her second tooth! Our little (half-) birthday girl had endured an unbelievably stressful day, but, as usual, she was still all smiles. It was a fitting end, not only to an action-packed day, but to an action-packed month as well.

During her sixth month, Lila.....

- began sitting in the tripod position

- added the Exersaucer, jumper and Bumbo chair to her list of playtime equipment

- started on rice cereal (April 6th)

- discovered she could put her feet in her mouth (April 10th)

- welcomed home her Daddy (April 13th)

- cut her two bottom center teeth (bottom right on April 20th and bottom left on April 26th)

Here are a few more photos of Lila-pie from her sixth month.....can't believe she is already half a year old!

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  1. she is such a cutie! happy 6 (and 7) months to lila!