Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Minnesota pics

We stayed at Grandpa Harry and Grandma Robin's house in Minnesota from April 26-29. John and Lila loved hanging out with their Grandpa and Grandma and their two uncles, and Mommy and Daddy loved getting to go to their first Twins game at Target Field (thanks again for the tickets, Grandpa and Grandma!!!)

One afternoon, John helped Grandma bake some sugar cookies. This was John's first cookie baking experience, so you can imagine how excited he was. Grandma got out all the baking and decorating supplies, and John got to roll dough, cut shapes, and sprinkle sugar to his heart's content. These photos show how seriously John took his tasks -- just look at that tongue sticking out! He's like Michael Jordan (or his Aunt Katharine, hehe).

While John's cookies might have had a bit more decoration than we were used to consuming, they were still entirely edible. Mommy and Daddy together ate about a dozen of them the next day on the drive to North Dakota!

Lila got to see her Uncle Mike for the first time while we were visiting Grandpa and Grandma. He drove home from college one afternoon just so he could hang out with his niece and nephew for the evening! What a sweet uncle he is. We wish him the best of luck at boot camp.....he leaves for Fort Benning next week!

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