Saturday, February 12, 2011

Our 25-month-old

Yes, John is another month older already, so it's time for an update and new photos! Since I totally forgot to discuss his talking in the last post, I'm going to try to tackle it in this one. But first, some photos from the past month.....

John continued to celebrate his second birthday for days after his actual birthday on the 8th. In the first photo, he's opening a present I had forgotten to give him (a Mr. Potato Head). You can tell how surprised he is to see it!

John's teachers at Parent's Day Out knew John would be turning 2 over the holiday break, so they were ready for him on Tuesday the 11th with his very own birthday hat! Miss Julie and Miss Lynne said he wore the hat nearly the entire four hours of class. He wanted to wear it later that afternoon after his nap and even days later! He still has it on the dresser in his bedroom.

John has always loved walking around in other people's shoes. His new favorite shoes to walk in are Mommy's running shoes and Grandma's boots. The way I see it, he's probably just sick of his own two pairs of shoes -- he's still wearing the pair of size 5 brown leather shoes we bought for him last spring and the pair of size 5 blue Converse sneakers we bought for him last summer! (While his feet have gotten a lot wider, they haven't gotten much longer at all.)

Grandma's sectional couch is a favorite hangout of John's. He likes to climb up on the very top of the cushions and peer over the edge or out the back windows. When Halley is sitting on top of the cushions in the corner of the sectional, he gets very upset and asks her to leave even if she was there first, hehe.

My favorite photo of the bunch -- John wearing a pair of 1960s-style sunglasses that Grandma bought as a gag gift for a friend's birthday.....

So, on to the talking. In the past month, John has started doing three new things:

1. Using the first person ("I ride bike!"). But he doesn't use it exclusively yet. He still frequently uses the third person ("John ride bike!") or else omits himself from a sentence altogether ("Ride bike!" -- a statement rather than a command).

2. Negating statements ("John no like it.") He is still in the very early stages, but it's so interesting to hear him work through it! Negation is one of the hardest things to learn in foreign languages. I remember struggling mightily with negation in French.

3. Stringing together longer sentences, of four or more words, while still remembering to follow the subject-verb-object sequence ("Big kids ride big bikes.") As he's saying something, he's very consciously thinking about what words he wants to use next, sometimes even pausing between words to give himself time to think. It's exactly the way I speak German when I haven't spoken it in a long time, hehe.

For a few months now, John's been using prepositions. I can't remember when he started using them, but it was definitely before Christmas and possibly even before Thanksgiving. (I'll have to ask Ross if John was using them while Ross was still home on R&R). The prepositions he uses are "in," "on," "out," and "with." For example, he'll say.....

"Shobel with?" (He wants to bring the yellow shovel Grandma bought him with him in the car.)

"Target in?" (He wants to go into Target.)

"Momma on?" (He wants me to get on his bike.)

Some humorous things John has said in the past week or so.....

Mommy: (talking about one of John's toys) "Hmm, this one is interesting."
John: (a few minutes later, picking up a tiny Lego piece) "This, interesting?"

Mommy: (while giving John a bath and worrying he might be pooping) "Did you poop, John?"
John: "No, toot!"

John: (taking a piece of pizza out of his mouth because it had black olives on it) "John no like it. Mommy have it."

Mommy: (putting John on the changing table and accidentally taking out one of Lila's diapers) "Ok, John, let's change your diaper."
John: "No, Momma, Wiwa's diaper!"

John: (walking up to Lila, who's in her car seat sucking on her pacifier) "Hi Wiwa! What doin'?"

Grandma: (calling out my name, trying to find me in a store) "Sarah! Where are you?"
John: "Say-rah! Are you?"

There are so many more humorous exchanges that I'm sure I've forgotten, so from now on, I'm going to try to do a better job of writing things down right away. There are, however, some things John says regularly that I find hilarious:

"Jamma!" ("Grandma!" This is an upgrade from "Ma.")

"Jew me." ("Excuse me." John almost never has to be prompted to say this. He knows he needs to say it when he's trying to get by someone who's in his path, or if he has tooted.)

"Momma put you bed?" or "Momma get you out [of the booster seat or car seat]?" ("Momma put/get me.....?" John repeats the pronoun he hears me use. He is really having a hard time understanding what "me" means.)

"Daddy fly red airplane!" (John says this all the time, and I have absolutely no idea why. We've always told him that Daddy flies a helicopter, not a plane. And certainly not a red airplane.)

I'll be posting some new videos of John soon.....check back for those.

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