Thursday, October 17, 2013

Summer 5ks

Mommy did a few 5ks this summer -- one in Fairfax in July and the other in Leesburg in August. Both events were extremely family friendly, with "fun runs" at the end for the kids (not to mention a ton of yummy food). Honestly, it's a great way to spend a Saturday morning if you've got nothing else planned!

Mommy and kiddos before the Fairfax race:

Mommy finishing up....I ended up tying my personal best from last year's Panther Prowl at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (26:52). (In the Leesburg race in August, I ran one only second faster, haha.)

Lila before her race (the 3 and under set).... she's really excited in the first photo, but you can tell she's gotten a little nervous by the time I took the second.

Lila with her medal! Mommy held her hand and ran with her the whole way.

John before his race....he was ALL business. No smiles, no talking.

Here he is in the thick of it! He was trying so hard.

John with his medal (and finally, a smile!)

The champion siblings:

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