Sunday, October 2, 2011

Recent travels.....

Daddy has had to go to the field three times this fall! The kids and I have kept really busy while he's been gone. We didn't go anywhere the first time because he was only gone two days. The second time, we drove up to Minnesota to visit Grandpa Harry, Grandma Robin, Uncle Michael and Uncle David. I have a bunch of photos from this trip, but I loaded them onto the laptop that isn't working that well right now (especially when I try to use Blogger). I will have to move those photos to the laptop I'm using right now (Daddy's new laptop) and then upload them to the blog. I will try to get that done this week -- there are some really cute pics of everyone!

I also have a bunch of photos from North Dakota, where we went last week while Daddy was gone to the field the third time. I used Grandma Bonnie and Papa Jeff's camera while we were there and immediately uploaded the photos to the blog, so here they are! These turned out really nicely too.

Great Grandma Dressler holding onto Lila:

Papa Jeff and Lila:

Lila-pie riding on John's pretend motorbike - she didn't want to get off!

John playing with his Thomas set while wearing his new dinosaur pajamas:

Great Grandma Schuchard hanging out with Lila:

Great Grandma with both kiddos:

Grandma Bonnie and Lila:

John going down a slide at the AWESOME pumpkin patch in Mandan (he wasn't afraid at all!):

John getting ready to sing "Happy Birthday" to his second cousin Gabrielle, who was having her birthday party at the pumpkin patch:

John with another of his second cousins, Berlyn, who is 9 months older than him:

Lila eating her first Mum-Mum!

Lila and the pumpkins:

John and Berlyn going for a train ride:

John hugging Berlyn.....they were best buddies!

John enjoying his first pony ride! We thought he'd be too scared to go through with it, but he was very brave. He's so independent now!

Lila resting in her stroller at the pumpkin patch:

Saying goodbye when the party was over:

Playing in the corn (it was like a sandbox, only it had corn instead of sand!). John LOVED it.

I'll be doing John's 33-month post this week. We've got some busy weeks ahead of us -- Grandma Bonnie arrives in Milwaukee a week from today, and she'll be coming down to Chicago with us for Lila-pie's 1st birthday party (on the 20th at Grandma Kay Ellen's house)!

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