Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday, Lila!!!

Our little girl turned 1 today!!! Wasn't that the fastest year ever?! Lila had her big birthday party on the 20th at Grandma Kay Ellen's house in Illinois. I've got a whole bunch of photos from the party that I need to post as well as two videos. She was so funny with her carrot cake cupcake -- the photos say it all.

Today we had a pretty normal day at home in Wisconsin. Lila and I dropped John off at school at 9:30 this morning and then did a little shopping at Kohl's. I made sure everyone knew it was her birthday, although it was a bit obvious because she was wearing the cupcake "birthday girl" shirt that Grandma Bonnie and Papa Jeff had bought for her. Interestingly, Lila woke up from her morning nap right around the time she was born -- 11:31 a.m.! After lunch, we went to the gym for awhile before going to pick John up from school. She was the only child in the child care center, so she got a lot of attention. The rest of the day went by as usual -- afternoon nap, playtime, dinner, bath, more playtime, bedtime. She was definitely overtired tonight because she didn't nap very long at either nap (John woke her up from her afternoon nap when he threw a tantrum). But as always, she was a complete joy. We love our Lila-pie so much and can't believe she's 12 months old already! Check back in a few days for a more thorough 12-month post.

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