Sunday, April 10, 2011

New toys for Lila

Lila has been enjoying two new toys, including an Exersaucer that we borrowed from a neighbor and a Bumbo chair that I ordered from Amazon (sadly, there were none for sale on Craigslist during the two-week period of time I was looking for one). I also pulled out John's Baby Einstein jumper and put it together for her to use when we're in the basement, but she hasn't tried it yet.

Here's the little darling in the Exersaucer, which we currently have in the kitchen.

The Bumbo chair has been a big help because it's so portable. I put her in it with a few toys on her tray when I need to get something done or help John. The other night I even brought it upstairs to John's room so Lila could play during his bedtime routine.

Here's a video of Lila playing in her Bumbo.....

Lila in the Bumbo from Sarah Schuchard on Vimeo.

It has been really funny to see John's reaction to Lila's new toys. He immediately started saying they were his toys and wanting to play in them too. (You can imagine how well John fits in an Exersaucer and a Bumbo seat.) Now whenever I go to put Lila in the Exersaucer, for example, John tells me HE wants to play in the Exersaucer. Then, if I tell him he can play in the Exersaucer and I go to put Lila in the Bumbo, he says HE wants to play in the Bumbo. It is a lose-lose situation, haha.

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