Monday, April 4, 2011

John and Jack's playdate

Now that the weather is warming up, John has been seeing a lot more of Jack. Lena (Jack's mom) and I decided to have regular playdates every Tuesday afternoon at one of our houses (if it's cold) or outside (if it's warm).

Last Tuesday was the boys' first playdate since Jack's birthday party in early February. They were so excited to see each other again! John got this amazing burst of energy that was as if he had downed a quad espresso at Starbucks. He talked and giggled the entire time Jack was over. But he got jealous anytime Jack picked up a toy! Jack wanted to play with this big plastic bus that John has had since his 1st birthday but has never really liked, and John kept saying, "No, Jack, that's a MINE-TS!"

After Jack left, I could tell John was exhausted. After all, the boys had been running around nonstop for nearly two hours. I ended up putting him to bed that night at 6:45, and he slept until 7:15 the next morning, hooray!

This video is so funny.....John is talking a mile a minute, and Jack is completely silent. I love, too, how they go from playing together so nicely to fighting over a vehicle in the space of two minutes.

This video is also the first time I've gotten John's spontaneous use of German on film. He calls the eggs lecker (delicious) and then later says, Ich bin Ross! (I am Ross). He knows his Daddy is coming home! John likes to say Ich bin Lila, Ich bin Jamma and Ich bin Mommy too. He doesn't like saying Ich bin John nearly as much (it's more fun to be someone else, I guess).

Jack and John's playdate from Sarah Schuchard on Vimeo.

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