Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Gone fishing!

John went fishing for the first time with his Uncle Nick last weekend. Ruth Lake Country Club was hosting a fishing tournament for kids, and John was the youngest entrant at 21 months! Mommy went along to take photos and change diapers.

I was very surprised at how eager John was to hold the fish that he caught (5 or 6 altogether). He didn't flinch at all when Uncle Nick put the first one in his hands! Apparently slimy fish are less scary than furry petting zoo animals! (John won't even get within arm's reach of any of those.)

Although we put all the fish John caught right back in the water after they were counted and weighed, several of them, sadly, did not make it. Another casualty of the fishing trip was a white t-shirt John was wearing underneath the long-sleeved shirt -- one of the fish bled on it, and the spot still hasn't come out after three washings. Oh well, I guess I should've known better dressing John in white to go fishing!

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  1. I've been meaning to comment on your posts for a long time but somehow, I keep getting distracted because Elise and I always read your updates together. She gets very excited to see new pictures of John John :) Their love is still alive! So excited to see pictures of your family back together again (and then of course with Lila next week!) We love you guys!