Friday, July 2, 2010

Hanging at the hangar

During our block leave in Illinois, we hung out with our family friend, Ray, at Clow International Airport in Bolingbrook. John was on cloud nine the entire morning.

While we ate breakfast at the airport restaurant, John got to see all the airplanes taking off and landing. His mouth was in a permanent "oh!" shape (the shape of his mouth when he's really, really excited about something he sees, like a fire truck or school bus). John adored Ray and kept wanting to sit on his lap.
After breakfast, we headed out to the hangars to show John the 1946 Navion plane Ray owns. Ross and John climbed into the cockpit, and John immediately wanted to touch all the buttons and knobs in front of him. We may have another aviator in the family some day!
I love this next picture......John and Daddy are both making engine noises!
Ross was supposed to fly with Ray that day, but the weather wasn't looking very good. So while the guys went to check on the visibility for the afternoon, Grandma Kay Ellen and I entertained John around the hangar area. John's second favorite thing after the airplanes was this big puddle of water he wanted to splash in, haha.

Even though Ross was bummed he didn't get to fly that day, he was thrilled to be able to take John around all the airplanes. He was one proud papa!

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