Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas Eve

Usually we open presents on Christmas Eve before going to Grandma Schuchard's later in the evening, but things were done a little differently this year because of the two babies' (John and his 15-month-old second cousin) early bedtimes. So we had the Christmas Eve get-together at Grandma Schuchard's much earlier than normal and decided to postpone the major present-opening event until Christmas Day afternoon.

Here is a video from the morning of Christmas Eve, when Grandma and Grandpa let John open his push mower toy early. You can see that John had a little trouble with the "yard work."

On Christmas Eve night, John enjoyed a very hearty meal of some cut-up veggies and ham and played on the floor with Grandpa Jeff as well as his cousins Paityn (15 months), Olivia (6), and Abby (8).

When it was time to open his gift from Great Grandma Schuchard, John got to go first since he was the youngest family member in the room. Here is a video of him getting ready to open his gift (a polar bear sweater vest outfit and a book).

It soon became clear that John would need a LOT of help opening his gift, so Mommy came over and set him on her lap.

After the gift opening was complete, it started getting really hot with all the people in the room, so John played around in his diaper for a while to cool off before getting into his fleece pajamas.
Here's a video of Grandpa Jeff showing off John's special toes and his (very full) belly. It was a great way to end the night!

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