Friday, January 15, 2010

Birthday party #2

Last Saturday, John had a second 1st birthday party. His favorite aunts and playdate friends were in attendance: Aunt Jen; Aunt Erin; Aunt Kami and adorable little Austin (already two months old!); future mother-in-law Stephanie and girlfriend Elise; and the Taylor family. (Friend Evie Taylor just turned 1 in December.)

Because it was an evening celebration (at 5 p.m.), Mommy felt John needed to take his attire up a notch and thus added a dark green tie to his checkered shirt. John got quite a few compliments on it.

Before dinner, John sat on Mommy's lap and opened his gifts. I would say that he has definitely tired of the task. Good thing he's got almost an entire year before he has to open this many gifts again! You'll notice from this video that little Evie and Elise are doing more of the work than he is.

Once again, John got some really awesome gifts! From Aunt Jen he got the Fisher Price booster seat we'd been eyeing for him, and from Aunt Erin he got a really nice wooden blocks set. Aunt Kami and Austin and the Taylors got John some new books for his ever-expanding library collection. And the Powells got John an adorable Radio Flyer tricycle for this summer! (Elise is getting one, too.) Oh yeah, and Mom and Dad got him a baby baseball set and a Radio Flyer wagon walker.

When it was time to serve the birthday cake, John was really, really tired. He had only taken one nap during the day (early that morning), so he was ready to go to bed. This may be why he was especially averse to the idea of trying a new food item.

Look how "excited" he is when everyone sings "Happy Birthday" to him.....

and after we put a piece of cake on his highchair tray.....

and when we cut the piece of cake into smaller pieces.....

Finally, once we give him his own spoon to use with the cake, John starts eating.

Despite being a little tired toward the end of the evening, John had a wonderful time at his second 1st birthday party! Thank you so much to all his guests for coming!

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