Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Fall pics, continued

So, speaking of reading in the big playroom are a few pics of John and Lila attempting to read together in the chair. They often have a hard time deciding who gets to hold the book, which usually leads to a screaming and/or crying little girl and a frustrated little boy. 

The kids (especially John) like to look at toy catalogs when they come in the mail. Lila is eyeing a Minnie Mouse Bow-tique item in the catalog below. This is a good picture of Lila wearing pigtails! I love pigtails on her.

These next two pictures of Lila are some of my all-time favorites. She looks so serious! The outfit she's wearing is one of my favorites, too. Aunt Jen made her adorable pink flower clip!
The complete outfit.....
And the last two pics for the evening -- John and Lila looking so sweet as they pose in the pajamas we got at Once Upon a Child  (Power Rangers for John and Minnie Mouse for Lila).


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