Saturday, March 17, 2012

Mid-month update for Miss Pie

Lila won't be 17 months for another week, but I just HAD to post a mid-month update for her since she's been doing so many new things lately!

Her new language abilities are especially exciting. Just before we left for our trip to North Dakota on March 8th, she started imitating a lot more sounds and words that she'd hear us say. Seemingly out of the blue one day, she started saying "co" for "coat." She's obsessed with her coats and always wants to wear them. She points to them hanging on the coat tree in the playroom and says "co, co, co!" until I put one (or sometimes two) on her. Another day, after she'd done something by herself, I told her, "Ta da!," and she says that a lot now, usually after accomplishing some feat. She said that over and over again yesterday while she was putting the cap on a pen -- it sounds more like "da da" than "ta da," but it's obvious what she's saying.

Since we've been in North Dakota, she's been imitating almost everything she hears! Our little parrot started saying "Papa" (for her Papa Jeff) earlier this week, and she said "stinky" for the first time on March 15th while I was changing her poopy diaper in the Target bathroom. She has also started copying us when we spell her name or sing the alphabet song, but she's a little off on the actual letters (the inflection is the same, but the letters are different. She usually starts with "e,i..."). And I'm pretty sure she's doing a similar thing when somebody counts out loud -- the intonation is there, but she uses letters instead of numbers.

My favorite new word to hear her say is "hee!" (for "here"/"here you go"). She just started saying this yesterday, March 16th, when she was trying to hand her cup back to me in the car. It's a fantastic replacement for the grunt-like noise she makes when she's trying to get my attention!

Another thing Lila has started doing is shaking her head "no." So far, I've only seen her do it when I've asked her for a kiss and she doesn't want to oblige me. It's funny to watch how vehemently she shakes her head back and forth -- it makes me dizzy to watch!

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