Sunday, November 13, 2011

Pumpkin Party pics / Halloween

Thanks to Aunt Ruthanne and Uncle Steve, we attended the Pumpkin Patch Party at Ruth Lake again this year. It was on the Sunday before Halloween. (Last year, this was our last family outing before Lila was born two days later!)

Lila wore her kitty costume and John wore most of his pirate costume. (For some reason, John didn't want to wear the pirate-y shirt I had brought for him to wear to the party, so he wore a blue striped shirt. But he had his hat, eye patch, hook and sword.) It was an absolutely gorgeous afternoon -- warm enough to forego the coats.

We did the tractor-led hay ride out to the "pumpkin patch" to select our pumpkins. While Lila, Mommy, Daddy, Aunt Ruthanne and Aunt Beverly hung out in the patch, Uncle Steve and John went joy-riding in a golf cart. Uncle Steve came all the way over from his hospital (where he was on call) to hang out with his little buddy John.

John had his face painted like a pirate before dinner. The face painting lady did an incredible job! Here he is eating his hotdog. (I should mention that John LOVES pirates. He has this book about pirates that is personalized for him, and I think that's what got him on his pirate kick. A couple of months ago, he started pretending that our turkey baster was a telescope, saying things like "Aye, matey" or "Ahoy matey!" We meant to make the turkey baster part of his costume, but we forgot.)

For the actual day of Halloween, we were in Illinois because Grandma Kay Ellen had been hospitalized again. I had forgotten to bring our camera with us, so the only photos I have from that day are on Daddy's iPhone. Aunt Katharine was kind enough to stay back at Grandma's house to hand out candy and prepare our spaghetti dinner for us so we could take the kids trick-or-treating in the neighborhood.

It was really nice to see all the neighbors again -- John knows them so well from having lived at Grandma's for a whole year. This year, John definitely knew what trick-or-treating was about. We had forgotten his plastic trick-or-treating pumpkin, so he used the pail we had gotten him for Easter. He loved filling it up with candy and sorting through it, but he only got one or two pieces of it!

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