Friday, January 14, 2011

Lila turns 2 months!

Lila turned 2 months old the day after Christmas, December 26th (but no, I did not take her shopping to celebrate.....maybe next year, when she's not so tiny and fragile!) Her second month was certainly less challenging than her first, even with the departure of all the visiting family members (including Daddy!) who had been such a tremendous help to us.

One of the best parts about that month was seeing how well she was gaining weight. At her two-month doctor's visit on December 28th, Lila weighed 10 pounds, 14 ounces -- exactly two pounds more than she weighed at her six-week visit (and only three fewer ounces than John weighed at his two-month visit)! As her pediatrician told me that day, her steady growth (gaining two pounds between visits) is the number one sign that she is thriving in spite of her throaty cough and congestion. He is going to continue to watch her, but he said he is very encouraged by her progress.

Another great part about Lila's second month was seeing her smile in response to someone else, which I believe she did for the first time on December 16th while we were at a Christmas luncheon. She was sitting in her car seat because we were getting ready to leave, and John came over to talk to her ("Hi Wiwa!"). When he started patting her head, she broke into this adorable smile, and then John started smiling too! There is something so gratifying about seeing your baby smile. It's even more gratifying when your baby smiles in response to your other baby! At least for now, the kids seem to like each other!

Here are some of my favorite photos from Lila's 2nd month.....

Lila doing some tummy time on her blanket:

John joining her on the blanket for some tummy time of his own (he loves her blankets and always wants to play on them with her!):

Mommy and Lila, with John trying to do a somersault in the foreground (all you can see is his butt in the air):

Watching Mommy while being carted around in the Ergo carrier.....she always looks so serious when she's in the Ergo!

Lila and Mommy all dressed up for church:

Another Mommy-Daughter photo:

Posing in the adorable outfit she got from her Uncle Jesse and Aunt Sarah:

Playing on her blanket (also see video below!):

Lila has the hiccups from Sarah Schuchard on Vimeo.

Also during her second month, Lila.....

.....made the switch from newborn diapers to size 1 diapers

.....slept in her lamb chair at night (for most of the month), since it kept her upright enough that she could breathe more easily and thus sleep more soundly.

.....started LOVING her baths!

.....attended her first church service

.....decided she doesn't really like her swing

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