Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Elise and Stephanie's visit to "Cago"

It's hard to believe, but it's already been more than a month since Elise and Stephanie came to visit us in "Cago!" We had so much fun hitting up all the kid-friendly places Naperville and Lisle have to offer, including the DuPage Children's Museum, the Children's Garden at the Morton Arboretum, the Sea Lion Aquatic Park, and the Naperville Riverwalk. The kiddos had a great time playing at "Grandma's house," though, too. They loved chasing each other from room to room, playing in the basement, and feeding Halley her dinner.

Here are some adorable pics I took (with my new camera!) of John and Elise sitting on the step in the kitchen:

John making his squinty-eyed face.....

Elise trying to protect her purses from John (John was OBSESSED with her purses).....

John holding Elise's "credit card".....

Elise trying to decide whether she wants her credit card back.....

The lovebirds showing some affection.....
"Hey, Mom, look at my credit card mustache!"
And here is a video of John and Elise chasing each other around the house. John is laughing hysterically the whole time!

The lovebirds chasing each other from Sarah Schuchard on Vimeo.

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