Tuesday, August 3, 2010

At the pool

John has been going to the pool twice a week since we moved to Illinois. We mostly go to Sea Lion Aquatic Park in Lisle, where I went as a kid. Sea Lion has tons of kid-friendly areas. We rotate between the toddler pool, the sand pit, the big pool and the splash pads. I am always amazed at how much John loves having water splashed in his face. It's incredible.....he'll put his face right down in the middle of a fountain and just laugh and laugh.

Some pics from the toddler pool at Sea Lion:

We've also been invited to the pool at Ruth Lake Country Club in Hinsdale, where our family friends "Aunt" Ruthanne and "Uncle" Steve are members. John is especially content at this pool because there are always a bunch of toys in the pool he can play with AND because he's been getting informal swimming "lessons" from another member of the club, Miss Linda, who used to lifeguard and teach swimming.

We were at Ruth Lake on Sunday afternoon, and I filmed John having one of his mini lessons. John decided that he was more interested in playing with the pink plastic teapot at that particular moment than learning how to swim.....

Swimming with wings from Sarah Schuchard on Vimeo.

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  1. our bathing suits are on the packing list for next week! can't wait to go to the aquatic park with you guys!