Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Easter egg hunt

John enjoyed a second round of Easter egg hunting last week when his female playdate friends came over to our house for a belated Easter egg hunt playdate.

It was very amusing to observe each baby's egg hunting strategy. Lillian was clearly the most experienced of all the babies (her basket was full after just 10 minutes), so she "won" the hunt pretty easily. Evie was a close second. Her basket was about half full.

Lillian, hard at work.....

A determined Evie in pursuit of another egg.....

As for Elise and John, it's difficult to say whether they actually "competed" in the hunt at all. When Elise found an egg, she'd usually just crouch down to open it and then eat the Cheerios, Puffs, or raisins hidden inside. (We found quite a few empty eggs scattered across the backyard as we were heading back inside after the hunt).

The eater in action.....
When John found an egg, he'd shake it for a while and then look for another egg so he could knock the two eggs together. Afterwards he'd drop both eggs on the grass, abandon his basket entirely, and wander off in some random direction (not at all in search of eggs). To be fair, John did have two eggs in his basket at one point.

Here is a pic of Lillian, John and Evie after the hunt was over. (Elise walked away as soon as Stephanie set her down next to the other babies, so she didn't make it into any of the photos.) You'll notice that John is holding Elise's basket. Lillian is holding her own basket and John's basket.

And here's a pic of the little egg hunter and his Mommy. The only way Stephanie could get John to look at the camera was to give him a second slinky to play with, courtesy of Elise (the slinkies were prizes inside some of the eggs)

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