Monday, March 22, 2010

Plantation photos

While we were in Charleston, we visited a plantation called Middleton Place. It is home to the oldest landscaped gardens in the United States! John enjoyed being outdoors, but he wanted to walk on his own rather than be pushed in the stroller or carried in the Ergo. This made things a little complicated, but we made do. It definitely helped having three adults there!

John, Mom and Grandma Kay Ellen by the water before John got tired of being in the Ergo.....

Going down a brick staircase with Aunt Katharine.....John loves walking up and down stairs!

The plantation house we didn't go into.....we didn't think John would enjoy it very much.

I wish I had taken some photos in the stableyards, where all the plantation animals are kept. John was very interested in meeting the horses, cows, chickens, water buffalo, and goats. He kept pointing at them and grunting. His most favorite animal of all, though, was the rabbit he saw in its cage. He couldn't take his eyes off that rabbit!

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