Friday, November 27, 2009


We had Thanksgiving dinner Wednesday night at Elise's grandparents' house in Austin. Aunt Kami, her sister Jill and Aunt Jen came too! As always, it was a blast watching John and Elise play together, and we all enjoyed holding Kami's adorable three-week-old baby, Austin. What a little bundle of joy he is!

At dinner, John sat in a booster seat across from Elise, who was in her highchair. While Elise politely (and neatly!) ate her cut-up pieces of ham, turkey and green beans, John made a game of throwing his on the floor. I think he maybe ate one piece of meat. So I gave him a few cubes of stuffing, and he seemed to like that. In the end, to make sure he had gotten enough to eat, we gave him some pureed baby food and puff cereal (his favorite).

After dinner, John had fun playing with Elise's walker. (Mommy followed behind him in the event of a spill.) Here is a cute video of this, narrated by Elise's mom, Stephanie.

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